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File Type Reference

The ZenGin uses a lot of custom file formats to store game data like meshes, animations and textures. Originally these custom formats for specifically made with Direct3D and later DirectX in mind and are thus sometimes confusing to understand or use some old, proprietary APIs common at the time. One example of this is DirectMusic which is used or the in-game music.

All files used by the ZenGin are binary files with the little-endian byte order or text files encoded with the Windows-1252 character set.

1st-party formats

The following is a list of file types and formats used by ZenGin.

Format Extension Description ZenKit Class Name
Model Animation .MAN Contains animations for a model ModelAnimation
Model Hierarchy .MDH Contains skeletal information for a model ModelHierarchy
Model Mesh .MDM Contains the mesh of a model ModelMesh
Model .MDL Contains a mesh and a hierarchy which make up a model Model
Morph Mesh .MMB Contains a morph mesh with its mesh, skeleton and animation data MorphMesh
Multi Resolution Mesh .MRM Contains a mesh with LOD information MultiResolutionMesh
Mesh .MSH Contains mesh vertices and vertex features like materials Mesh
Daedalus Script .DAT Contains a compiled Daedalus script DaedalusScript
Texture .TEX Contains texture data in a variety of formats Texture
Font .FNT Contains font data Font
ZenGin Archive .ZEN Contains various structured data (general object persistence). ReadArchive
Text/Cutscenes .BIN, .CSL, .DAT, .LSC Contains text and cutscene data CutsceneLibrary
Model Script .MDS, .MSB Contains model animation script data and associated hierarchy and mesh information ModelScript
Virtual File System .VDF Contains a directory structure containing multiple files; similar to TAR. Vfs

3rd-party formats

The ZenGin uses the following 3rd-party file formats:

For all of these, Open Source parsers are available, however some of them are no longer maintained. For DirectMusic there is libdmusic (unmaintained), for DXT decompression there is libsquish (unmaintained), stb can also decompress DXT-compressed files and can read in TGA files and the amazing ffmpeg can decode Bink video.