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ZenGin Fonts

Quick Infos

Type: Asset Format
Format Name: Font
File Extension: .FNT
Class Name: zCFont
Encoding: Binary

ZenGin font files contain metadata for bitmap fonts used in the engine. In particular, they contain the position and size of font glyphs in a texture file.

Fonts are found within the Textures.vdf file found in the Data/ directory in the Gothic installation.

Format Description

Fonts are stored in a binary file which contains the following data. Also refer to the Datatype Reference for general information about often used datatypes.

Font Structure
struct zCFont {
    string version; // Always "1".
    string imageName;
    uint glyphHeight;
    uint glyphCount; 

    byte glyphWidths[/* glyphCount */];
    zVEC2 glyphTopLeftUVs[/* glyphCount */];
    zVEC2 glyphBottomRightUVs[/* glyphCount */];

Since ZenGin fonts are a kind of bitmap font, a font texture is required in addition to this font metadata file. The name of that texture is found in imageName.

To get the actual pixel coordinates for each glyph in the texture for any given UV-coordinate, multiply the x coordinate by the width of the texture and the y coordinate by the height of the texture.


Some coordinates are negative. These should be ignored since they don't have a glyph image associated with them.