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Quick Infos

Type: Object
Format Name: ZenGin Archive
File Extension: .ZEN
Class Name: zCDecal
Version Identifiers:
— Gothic I: 0
— Gothic II: 64513
ZenKit Class: VisualDecal

Decals are used to insert flat 2-dimensional textures into the game world. It is used for things like spider webs and waterfall splash effects which don't need to be 3-dimensional objects.



The name of the decal texture. If the decal is part of a VObject, this field is the same as zCVob.visual.


The size of the decal texture as a 2-dimensional vector. The first element is the width, and the second is the height.


The offset of the decal texture relative to the parent VObject's position as a 2-dimensional vector.


Enables or disables backface culling for the texture.
TRUE — Show the texture on both sides. FALSE — Show the texture on the front side only.


The function to use for calculating the texture's alpha channel.

  • MAT_DEFAULT — Use the texture's alpha channel as-is.
  • NONE — Treat the alpha channel as an "on or off" value.
  • BLEND — Mixing.
  • ADD — Addition.
  • SUB — Subtraction.
  • MUL — Multiplication.
  • MUL2 — Multiplication.


Determines the number of frames per minute to use for animated textures.


Determines the transparency of the texture between 0 and 255. Only relevant if decalAlphaFunc is set to a value other than NONE. A value of 255 indicates that the texture is fully visible and a value of 0 indicates that the decal is invisible.


This property is only available in Gothic II.


Determines whether to take the day lighting into account when calculation the brightness of this decal.
TRUE — To take into account daylight. FALSE — Do not take into account daylight.


This property is only available in Gothic II.