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Datatype Reference

This page contains a set of commonly used datatypes and their definition.

Datatype Size Description
byte 1 A single, unsigned 8-bit integer
char 1 A single, 8-bit integer representing a string character
short 2 A single, signed 16-bit integer
ushort 2 A single, unsigned 16-bit integer
int 4 A single, signed 32-bit integer
uint 4 A single, unsigned 32-bit integer
float 4 A single, IEEE 754 floating point number
string * A set of Windows-1252 encoded characters of dynamic length,
terminated by \0 or 0x0A (exceptions are documented)
zVEC2 8 A set of two floats describing a 2-dimensional vector of the form (x, y)
zVEC3 12 A set of three floats describing a 3-dimensional vector of the form (x, y, z)
zVEC4 16 A set of four floats describing a 4-dimensional vector or quaternion of the form (x, y, z, w)
zTBBox3D 24 A set of two zVEC3s describing a 3-dimensional bounding box of the form (min, max)
zDATE 16 A structure describing a date: struct {int year; ushort month, day, hour, minute, second; byte _padding[2];}