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Migration Guide v1.2 to v1.3

With the update to version 1.3, the library previously known as "phoenix" has bee re-branded to "ZenKit" to avoid confusion with PhoenixTales' Game of the same name. In this update, the library's API has changed significantly but a mostly backwards-compatible API has been kept intact.

Required Migrations


These changes are required for your application to build with ZenKit.

After updating ZenKit to v1.3, the first thing you have to do is update your CMake configuration. The phoenix target has been renamed to zenkit. Thus, you must now link against zenkit instead. The CMake variables for configuring ZenKit have also been renamed and a new one has been added:

  • PHOENIX_BUILD_TESTS has been renamed to ZK_BUILD_TESTS
  • PHOENIX_DISABLE_SANITIZERS has been removed and is replaced by ZK_ENABLE_ASAN which is ON by default.
  • ZK_ENABLE_DEPRECATION has been added and is ON by default. This is the recommended setting.

After updating you configuration accordingly, assuming you have not used any already deprecated APIs from v1, your code should now build again. However, you will get a lot of deprecation warnings if you keep ZK_ENABLE_DEPRECATION=ON.

Replacing phoenix::vdf_file

The phoenix::vdf_file has been deprecated since v1.2 in favour of phoenix::Vfs and is removed in v1.3. Here's an example which shows how to migrate to the new implementation.

phoenix::vdf_file anims = phoenix::vdf_file::open("Anims.vdf");
phoenix::vdf_file worlds = phoenix::vdf_file::open("Worlds.vdf");

phoenix::vdf_file root {""};
root.merge(worlds, false);
root.merge(anims, false);

phoenix::vdf_entry* world = root.find_entry("NewWorld.zen");
if (world == nullptr) {
    throw std::runtime_error {"NewWorld.zen not found!"};

phoenix::buffer buf = world->open();

// use `buf`
phoenix::Vfs vfs {};
vfs.mount_disk("Anims.vdf", phoenix::VfsOverwriteBehavior::OLDER);
vfs.mount_disk("Worlds.vdf", phoenix::VfsOverwriteBehavior::OLDER);

phoenix::VfsNode* world = vfs.find("NewWorld.zen");
if (world == nullptr) {
    throw std::runtime_error {"NewWorld.zen not found!"};

phoenix::buffer buf = world->open();

// use `buf`

Replacing other APIs

The following APIs have been deprecated v1.2 and removed in v1.3:

  • way_net::waypoint(std::string const&) - Directly access the waypoints member instead
  • archive_reader::read_raw_bytes() - Replaced by archive_reader::read_raw_bytes(size_t)
  • model_script::parse_binary(buffer) - Replaced by model_script::parse(buffer)
  • vobs::camera_lock_mode - Renamed to sprite_alignment
  • vob.camera_alignment - Renamed to vob.sprite_camera_facing_mode

Performance Critical Migrations


These changes are heavily encouraged since not migrating will have a sizable impact on the performance of ZenKit.

While your app will compile after applying the required migrations, you will notice a performance dip, especially in debug builds. This is because the central phoenix::buffer-API has been deprecated in favour of zenkit::Read which is faster and simpler when used correctly.

To remedy this, all you need to do is use the .load(Read*) API instead of the ::parse(buffer) API when loading in any ZenKit asset. Here's an example which shows the differences between both versions when loading animations.

#include <phoenix/Animation.hh>

int main(int, char const** argv) {
    phoenix::buffer buf = phoenix::buffer::mmap("MyAnimation.MAN");
    phoenix::animation ani = phoenix::animation::parse(buf);

    // ...

    return 0;
#include <phoenix/animation.hh>
#include <zenkit/Stream.hh>

int main(int, char const** argv) {
    phoenix::animation ani {};

    auto r = zenkit::Read::from("MyAnimation.MAN");

    // ...

    return 0;

zenkit::Read::from has many different overloads from reading from memory buffers to reading from C++'s istream. Just choose the one you need. When reading from raw files, the overload taking std::filesystem::path is recommended since it performs memory-mapped I/O in the background.

When loading a file from a zenkit::Vfs, you can simply use the VfsNode.open_read API instead of the old API. Most of this should be self-explanatory.


These changes are recommended but not required. They concern changing class, struct and enum names to fit the new APIs. It is recommended to apply these to your code gradually.

After these migrations, one thing remains: switching to the redesigned API. Generally this just means changing your includes and using the new names for classes, structs and enums. All of these have been renamed from the old snake_case naming convention to the more easily understandable PascalCase convention and some of their names have been polished up a bit. This is what you should do:

  1. Change your includes: generally, just change #include <phoenix/$include.hh> to #include <zenkit/$include.hh> while changing $include from snake_case to PascalCase. Some files have been renamed completely:
    • animation.hh is now ModelAnimation.hh
    • math.hh is now Boxes.hh
    • messages.hh is now CutsceneLibrary.hh
    • script.hh is now DaedalusScript.hh
    • vm.hh is now DaedalusVm.hh
    • phoenix.hh has been split into Error.hh, Date.hh, Logger.hh and Misc.hh
    • proto_mesh.hh is now MultiResolutionMesh.hh
    • vobs/vob.hh is now vobs/VirtualObject.hh
    • vobs/mob.hh is now vobs/MovableObject.hh
    • ext/daedalus_class.hh is now addon/daedalus.hh
    • ext/dds_convert.hh is now addon/texcvt.hh
  2. Changes usages of the phoenix namespace to the zenkit namespace (i.e. phoenix::Vfs becomes zenkit::Vfs.
  3. Change the names of all classes, structs and enums imported from ZenKit from snake_case to PascalCase except for in the following cases:
    • animation is now ModelAnimation
    • bounding_box is now AxisAlignedBoundingBox
    • obb is now OrientedBoundingBox
    • messages is now CutsceneLibrary
    • message_block is now CutsceneBlock
    • atomic_message is now CutsceneMessage
    • script is now DaedalusScript (other related classes and structs have been prefixed with Daedalus too)
    • vm is now DaedalusVm (other related classes and structs have been prefixed with Daedalus too)
    • All classes in phoenix::vobs have been moved into the zenkit namespace and prefixed with a V (e.g. phoenix::vobs::Light becomes zenkit::VLight)
  4. Change all enum member accesses from their snake_case names to the new SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE names.

The deprecation warnings from your compiler should tell you these changes too. Alternatively, you can look into the old header files in include/phoenix/ to see the type aliases which have been put in place.

Generally these changes may be applied gradually but note that the old API will be removed in v2 at the latest, so switching to the new names is highly recommended.